About Us and The Pool Python

About Us and The Pool Python


The Pool Python Pool Skimmer

An efficient pool skimmer that works off the return. It keeps the surface of your pool clean, catching the leaves and bugs and other debris BEFORE they get into your filter through your built-in skimmer or by vacuuming.

  • Does not clog and cannot strain your pump.
  • Cleans the surface so you don’t have to clean the bottom as often – the “floaties” are captured before they sink.
  • Less back-washing which saves water.
  • Works as a “stand in” if you use your built-in skimmer to operate your Kreepy Krawley or any other suction-operated auto cleaners.
  • Supplements your built-in skimmer
  • Creates a good rotation of your pool’s water
  • Good for pools with leaf or bug problems. Very efficient at dealing with “dead spots” as it is multi-directional.
  • Reduces chemical usage by allowing for easy removal of organic material before decomposition starts.


The Company

A small, socially and environmentally responsible business situated in Valparaiso, IN, near Chicago. The aim is to manufacture and sell our innovative, patented pool skimmer using local materials and labor. We strive to offer a superior product that does what it promises at a price that is affordable. We pride ourselves on total customer satisfaction. We could be considered “green” manufacturer as all parts and components are sourced locally then modified, machined and assembled to create this unique product.

Phone: (219) 464-1405

email: poolpython@gmail.com


Go to www.poolpython.com to purchase and see a demo video or call True Blue Pool Products on (219) 464-1405

Made in the USA.