Pool Python Pool Skimmer – An Efficient Pressure-side Skimmer

Do you have bugs, leaves and muck floating in your pool? Tired of using your skimmer net? Let the Pool Python Pool Skimmer handle that for you! The Pool Python is an efficient pressure-side pool skimmer.

The Pool Python works off the RETURN (water coming into the pool) and does not impede your existing system; but enhances it.

It cannot clog your filter system which can lead to pump failure. In fact, by collecting any debris before it enters your filter, you can potentially prevent filter clogging therefore pump failure.

It reduces the amount of chemicals needed as the organic matter can be removed easily. It saves water too by reducing the amount of back-washing required.

The Pool Python installs in minutes and operates whenever your pump is running.

See for yourself how it works either directly on Youtube.com (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpT19QmWqBo) or click the link below.


Leaves, hair, bugs, grass cuttings all are eaten BEFORE they enter your filter system or sink to the bottom.The Pool Python is a quality product, well constructed using the best local materials and long-lasting reusable bags.

>> NOT suitable for Intex Pools and soft-sided above ground pools.


Go to www.poolpython.com to purchase and see a demo video or call True Blue Pool Products LLC on (219) 916-0995

Made in the USA.